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Young couple shake hands with closing agent at house closing meeting 978b8d064138018a1dfad71b9882dd21
Six Mortgage Myths

The Member One Mortgage Team takes on six of the most common myths they run into while helping homebuyers!

Couple views home listing on tablet 978b8d064138018a1dfad71b9882dd21
Don't Do These Things Before Buying A Home

You probably have your homebuying to-do list put together already, but don’t forget about this equally important to-don’t list.

Adobe Stock 99869971 978b8d064138018a1dfad71b9882dd21
What to Expect on Closing Day

Closing day: the day you sign the paperwork that legally transfers ownership of your dream home from the seller to you.

Realtor leads young family into home 978b8d064138018a1dfad71b9882dd21
Six Uncommon Features to Consider When Shopping for a Home

Check out this list of six less common features to consider while house hunting, courtesy of Member One’s mortgage experts.

Adobe Stock 187317486 978b8d064138018a1dfad71b9882dd21
How To Make An Offer On A House

Will the seller counter? Is there a better offer already on the table? What if you get caught in a bidding war?! We have the answers.

Your Practical Guide to Mortgage Escrow Accounts

An escrow account is used to set aside money for annual property taxes and homeowners insurance. Your mortgage lender manages this account on your behalf.

Mortgage Blog Graphic 978b8d064138018a1dfad71b9882dd21
Mortgages 101: Prequalification Vs. Preapproval

You’ve started thinking about mortgages and have been hearing two very similar-sounding words: prequalification and preapproval. Are they different? Does it matter?

Local Lender Blog Graphic 978b8d064138018a1dfad71b9882dd21
Four Reasons Why a Local Mortgage Lender Beats Online Options

You’re interested in buying a home, researched the process online, and still have questions.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go New Home Versus Home Renovation 978b8d064138018a1dfad71b9882dd21
Should I Stay, or Should I Go? New Home versus Home Renovation.

Maybe your family is growing or you’re looking for a new study space or hobby room. Whatever the reason, there are two distinct options for getting that extra living space—and each has its own pros and cons.

Locally Sourced Lending Keeps You Financially Fit With A Mortgage Thats Tailored To You 978b8d064138018a1dfad71b9882dd21
Locally Sourced Lending Keeps You Financially Fit with a Mortgage That’s Tailored to You

Sourcing your mortgage from a local financial expert develops strong, personal relationships.

Adobe Stock 208581972
Straight from the Homebuyer’s Mouth—Advice from a First-time Homebuyer

I had a million questions that not even Google could answer (hard to believe, I know), so here are a few nuggets of advice for all you new homebuyers out there.

Adobe Stock 90775925 300x199
Renting is In—Tips for Finding Your First Investment Property

Investing in an income property now could be very lucrative. But before you start buying up homes, here are a few ways to prepare yourself for this venture.