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We are aware of a credit and debit card fraud ring that is currently impacting our members. Be aware of scammers calling, texting, and emailing, asking for your account or card number, pretending to be from Member One. NEVER give out this personal information over the phone or if it's solicited via text or email. Protect yourself and please call us directly at 800.666.8811 if you have any questions.
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Finances November 28, 2023

Red Flags of a Scam


At Member One, we are committed to providing our members with exceptional financial services. This also includes educating our community about fraud. In today's digital age, fraudsters have become increasingly more sophisticated, making it crucial for all of us all to stay vigilant and informed.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be going into detail about the different types of scams that are occurring in our community. To kick things off, we wanted to go over the Red Flags of a scam. These are things that financial institutions and other reputable companies will not do. If any of these things happen to you, stop what you’re doing, and contact Member One.

A legit company will not:

  • Contact you and then ask for your card number, account number, SSN, password, and other personal information.
  • Send you a check (normally with an amount that exceeds what’s expected), request you deposit it, then wire a portion back to them.
  • Pressure you with time sensitive decisions and payment.
  • Require proof of depositing a check sent to you.
  • Prompt you to log in to your online banking account from a third-party site.
  • Insist you stay on the phone with them while performing transactions.
  • Request you to mail cash, buy gift cards, or put money into a bitcoin machine.
  • Use scare tactics to pressure you into sending money (Ex. A loved one is in legal trouble, in the hospital, or you could be arrested if you don’t comply).
  • Require you to send money in order to get a job.
  • Request money or personal information to receive an unprompted prize.

When in doubt – stop what you’re doing, hang up, and call us at 800.666.8811. or visit one of our retail center locations.

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