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Finances January 2, 2017 Stephanie Long, Contributing Author

Sluggish Wallet? Time for a Spending Detox!

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You know the feeling. You’ve gorged on holiday goodies and wonder if you’ll ever be able to eat again. Your wallet knows the feeling well, too—will it ever be able to pay for anything again after all that holiday shopping? Time for a detox. Here are a few ways to fast your wallet after a shopping binge.

Get rid of the ease.

If you’re an avid online shopper, you probably have your payment and shipping information saved to your favorite shopping sites—delete it. By making online shopping slightly more inconvenient, you’ll be inclined to think twice before making purchases.

Have a money-free weekend.

That obviously means no shopping or going out to eat, but let’s take it a step further. Try to use as little electricity as possible. Don’t watch television; instead of turning on lights, use flashlights or candles, and even consider eating food that doesn’t require a microwave or oven/stove. It could be fun to see all the ways you can save money in one weekend alone.

Become a chef.

For a month, commit to making your own food. Not only can it be fun to learn (or rekindle) a skill, but you could potentially save a lot of money by skipping the restaurant or bar and making your own delicious culinary concoctions. Plus, make enough for leftovers, and you’ve got lunch for the next day.

Change up your commute.

You don’t realize how much money you spend on things like gas and oil changes until you start driving less. If you can, consider taking public transit, carpooling, biking, or even walking to work. You’ll save some money, and your stress levels might even dip if you’re behind the wheel less.

When we’ve done damage to our bodies, we’ll likely attempt a cleanse or detox to help; we should do the same with our finances. Attempt some (or all) of these detox tips to give your wallet a much-needed break from the holiday spending binge.

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