Grandma saved money under her mattress. At Member One FCU, we help you save with our share accounts. And better than Grandma’s mattress, share accounts actually help you earn money with dividends, which are the profits you share by being a member.

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Primary Membership Share Account

  • Minimum opening deposit/minimum balance: $5
  • Make deposits or withdrawals at any time. (Federal regulation allows for unlimited in-person withdrawals and a limit of 6 online or mobile transfers per month.)
  • Earn dividends on balances of $250.00 or more. 

Additional Member One Share Accounts

Sometimes it makes sense to have a second savings account, whether you’re saving for a specific purpose, or just want to start a rainy day fund. We make it easy: 

  • Just open a secondary Member One Share Account
  • Nickname the account
  • Make deposits or withdrawals at any time for any reason. (Federal regulation allows for unlimited in-person withdrawals and a limit of 6 online or mobile transfers per month.)

Christmas and Vacation Club Accounts

Save for moments that matter to you. 

  • Christmas Club Share Account: plan ahead, and enjoy the holiday season. 
  • Vacation Club Share Account: put your money toward your getaway. 

Looking for youth share accounts? They’re right here.

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