Member One Executives Provide Volunteer Support at Annual Clothing Drive

December 31, 2018

Written by Megan Wade, Marketing Manager

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Member One executives recently volunteered for a coat and shoe drive to help children enrolled in the Community Youth Program (CYP) at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Roanoke, VA. In addition, Member One provided financial support to purchase items needed for the children.

“The Member One executive team was grateful for the opportunity to support the children at CYP through this clothing drive,” said Paul Economy, Chief Retail Officer. “The children were so much fun and it was an incredibly rewarding experience for our leadership team to have a direct impact in our community.”

The funding provided by Member One allowed CYP students to purchase coats or shoes for the winter season. The students, accompanied by CYP employees and Member One executives, made independent choices about items that would best serve them throughout the winter months. The experience not only provided essential clothing, but helped to teach life skills and gave the children an opportunity to interact with adult mentors.

“This shopping experience gives the children a sense of choice that they don’t always get at this age,” said Jackie Smith, Executive Director of CYP. “Part of the experience is helping the kids learn how to interact with sales staff at the store and the best way to select items that are appropriate. It’s also incredibly beneficial for the children to interact with adults and build their communication skills.”

CYP is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that provides enriching after-school, summer, and leadership programs for at-risk Roanoke-area youth in grades four through eight. Its mission is to encourage learning and the development of a positive self-image and to provide a network of support for students and families.

Community Youth Program Coat Shopping
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