10 Reasons to NEVER Buy a House

June 05, 2017

Written by Stephanie Long, Contributing Author

inside of home with ten reasons to never buy a house textAren’t you sick of people telling you that you need to buy a house? Yeah, interest rates are going up, and it may be wise to lock yourself into a low one now. And sure, you could buy a home with no down payment, but who cares?

Not us! We think that renting is the bee’s knees, and here are 10 reasons why you should NEVER EVER CONSIDER buying a home:

  1.  You don’t want the chance to deduct mortgage interest come tax season. You know what they say—money is the root of all evil.
  2. Paying into something and getting nothing in return makes your heart race without having to hit the gym. Score!
  3. Your upstairs neighbor is a world-renowned tap dancer. Living below her while she practices for four hours straight is like a free ticket to her concerts.
  4. You don’t need to build equity (value) in your home. How are you supposed to live life on the edge with a safety net like that?
  5. If you own a home, you have to let your dog out by opening a door to your yard instead of heading down several flights of stairs into the elements. How will you ever hit your step goal?
  6. Your neighbor is an enthusiast for exotic cooking. No candles or air fresheners on earth can mask the smell, so you’ve stopped buying them. Boom. Instant savings.
  7. Playing the guessing game of “How Much is My Rent Going Up This Year?” is an annual favorite. You were so close last year!
  8. Your living situation has done wonders for your blog, www.IHateMyApartment.com. You may be able to turn it in to a full-time gig soon.
  9. Because not having control of your surroundings is an awesome, unpredictable adventure. Will that dog ever stop barking? Is that smoke alarm next door going off because there’s an actual fire? Only time will tell.
  10. If you buy a house, you’ll have the ability to customize it however you want. Who wants that? You prefer the minimalist approach of bland, white walls.

There you have it. Renting is obviously the way to go. However, if for some crazy reason you’re still considering buying, come talk to us. Maybe you’re interested in the whole “little-to-nothing down payment” thing, or you do indeed want to get a good rate before they go up. Whatever the reason, we want to at least make sure you’re getting the best service around with our knowledgeable, professional mortgage experts. Call, or come in today to get moving.

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