The Ultimate Wish List for Penny Pinchers

November 21, 2016

Written by Stephanie Long, Contributing Author

Small gift wrapped with a bow

You may not be a penny pincher, but someone on your holiday shopping list is. We’ve got your back. Check out these gift ideas for even the most frugal friend or family member.

Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Memberships. Are you excited for the newest season of House of Cards or (insert your favorite TV show here)? Chances are your friend or loved one is too. Get them a gift card for a streaming service like Netflix to save them at least $8 a month.

Coffee Grinder and French Press. For those coffee connoisseurs on your list, give them the gift of gourmet coffee at home. Grinding one’s own coffee has all kinds of benefits (look it up; it’s a science), and French presses are one of the best ways to extract all of coffee’s best qualities. This is the perfect gift for a java junkie on a budget.

Energy-Efficient Home Appliances. You can give a water-efficient showerhead, programmable thermostat, or energy-efficient light bulbs to save money on monthly utility bills. To find these items, check online or in stores for Energy Star-certified products. (BONUS: you can get tax credits for using Energy Star appliances. EVEN MORE SAVINGS!)

Beer and Wine Brew Kits. If you’ve got someone who enjoys fermented beverages, this gift will provide them with a fun hobby, and, as bar tabs can add up quickly, this could save them big bucks. You can easily find these supplies online or search for a local hydroponics or brewing supply store.

Vehicle Maintenance Supplies. This isn’t the flashiest of gifts, but items for car maintenance are very practical, thoughtful gifts! Give gift cards for oil changes, car washes, fuel, or maybe even a AAA membership. If they’re stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire, they’ll be eternally grateful to you when that tow truck arrives.

Monthly Subscriptions. You’ve probably heard of things like Dollar Shave Club, Blue Apron, and Stitch Fix. These subscriptions can help people save money on budget indulgences. With all of the interests out there, it is easy to find some sort of monthly service for anyone on your list.

These gifts will appeal to your loved ones’ interests while appealing to their fiscally conservative natures. They say that it’s the thought that counts. If that’s true, you’re about to win Gift Giver of the Year Award!

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