Don’t Wait on Hold—The Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

January 22, 2017

Written by Stephanie Long, Member One Content Marketing Specialist

If you’ve got a question or problem with a service, your first step is to call a helpline. As soon as that recorded voice greets you, dread creeps into your mind—how long are you going to have to wait on hold?

Let us help you save some time. We asked our team in the Member One Contact Center to tell us some of the most frequently asked questions they get on a daily basis. Here are the most common questions and their answers (without the wait!). 

How do I sign up for online banking?

There are two simple ways to sign up:

  • Stop by any of our 13 retail centers.
  • Call our Member Contact Center at 540-982-8811 or 1-800-666-8811.

I want to pay off my loan. Can I do it online?

No. To fully verify the closing of the loan, members must call the contact center. This ensures that members pay off the proper amount and get their necessary documentation (e.g. a car title). 

How can I check my balance?

1) Log in to online banking and look at your account details.

2) Visit a retail center or ATM.

3) Call the Member Account Line (540-982-8809 or 1-800-666-8809).

4) Activate text banking (via online banking) and text “BAL” to 454545. 

How do I change my address?

We cannot change addresses via email or phone. However, here are three other ways:

  • Log into Online Banking and click My Settings in the top right.
  • Come in person to a retail center and bring a photo ID.
  • Mail a signed and notarized letter with a copy of your ID to Member One FCU, PO BOX 14087, Roanoke VA 24038. 

My paycheck is showing in online banking but hasn’t cleared. Why is that?

Your paycheck is pending, which means your employer has let Member One know that a deposit is imminent. You will have access to your money once the actual paycheck comes in. 

How can I transfer money into someone else’s account?

You can transfer money into another member's account in any retail center, over the phone with the Contact Center, or using the mobile app; however, you MUST have the member number for the account you want to transfer money into. For the security of our members, Member One cannot transfer money into any account without the member’s account number. If you want to transfer money to someone who isn’t a member, you can conduct external transfers via online banking. You’ll have to enter the recipient’s email or phone number, and they’ll be contacted to initiate the transfer. There is a fee for external transfers. 

There you have it—the answers to your most frequently asked questions. Don’t get us wrong, we love talking to you, but we value your time. If you need us, please give us a call, but we hope that this answers some of your more frequent questions and saves you time.

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