VISA® Purchase Alerts

Prevent Debit or Credit Card Fraud with Visa Purchase Alerts

Today, credit card information is compromised too easily, leading to fraudulent charges and theft. Member One FCU strives to improve security and keep your finances protected. Visa Purchase Alerts sends you real-time email alerts1 when purchases2 occur with your Visa debit or credit card.

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Sign up today in three easy steps:

  1. Check to make sure your card is eligible3.
  2. Register your mobile device and email to receive Visa Purchase Alerts.
  3. Choose the notification triggers that match your needs. 

You’ll receive real-time text or email alerts based on your selected criteria.

Once you enroll, you can establish trigger alerts:

  • Individual transaction amount thresholds
  • International charges
  • Charges at any gas station or convenience store
  • Any charges made online or over the phone (known as “card absent” transactions)

With alerts, you can monitor your account and take action at the first sign of potential fraud.

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Current members, apply by logging into Online Banking or by calling 800-666-8811.

1Actual time to receive a transaction alert is dependent on wireless service and coverage within area. Data rates may apply.

2A qualified transaction is any transaction routed through Visa

3Visa Purchase Alerts may not be available in all areas. Account activity qualifying for Visa Purchase Alerts may vary by issuer.

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