Order Supplies

We appreciate and value you as our Business Partner Liaison. This section is your online resource center. Please communicate with us for supplies, site visits, and financial literacy seminars through the easy-to-use tabs you see below:

  • Order supplies
  • Schedule site visit
  • Schedule financial literacy seminar

When you need to order supplies, we make it easy for you. As your company’s business partner liaison, when you need additional forms and support materials, e-mail BUSINESSDEVELOPMENT@MEMBERONEFCU.COM to order the following items:

  • New employee packets
  • Member One information for open enrollment
  • Intranet linking information & logo
  • Payroll inserts
  • Broadcast email verbiage
  • Newsletter articles for your employee newsletter
  • Posters
  • Brochure rack with product brochures
  • Employee handbook verbiage
  • Direct deposit/payroll deduction forms

Having representatives from Member One FCU visit your company is one of the best ways to share credit union information with your employees. They are able to gather information about products and services, open new accounts, or add services to existing accounts.

A Member One site visit can be scheduled with our Business Development Team by emailing us at BUSINESSDEVELOPMENT@MEMBERONEFCU.COM. Please indicate your preferred date and times in the email. We are willing to accommodate all shifts of your company. Please notify us at least three weeks in advance for scheduling. We will provide posters or payroll inserts to announce our visit.

We look forward to sharing credit union information and all of the benefits of Member One membership with your employees.