Partner Companies

As a Member One FCU business partner, you will enhance your employee benefits package at no cost. That’s why more than 500 companies in central and southwest Virginia are proud to call Member One FCU a business partner.

Enhance Your Employee Benefits Package

Benefits are increasingly important, averaging one-third or more of employee compensation packages. In order to stay competitive in today’s market, your company must attract and retain quality employees.

As a business partner of Member One, you’ll enhance your benefits package by giving your employees access to:

  • outstanding checking accounts and savings accounts
  • competitive rates on credit cards and loans (auto, personal, mortgage, home equity)
  • a variety of investment accounts including share certificates, IRAs, and money market accounts
  • the convenience of free online services and mobile access
  • a nationwide ATM network
  • excellent service

Studies show that financially sound employees are more productive. Employees love credit unions because we make managing money simple, convenient, and less costly. Partnering with Member One to offer credit union membership benefits both the employee and employer.

We’ll provide all the resources you need to share this benefit with your employees. Additionally, we offer onsite enrollment sessions, free financial literacy seminars, and more.

Why Choose Member One?

Our goal at Member One is to make a meaningful difference in our members’ financial lives.

Uncommon strength: With assets over $600 million, we’ve been in business for over 70 years.

Comprehensive service: We offer more financial products and services than most credit unions.

Commitment to excellence: We are constantly looking for ways to improve member satisfaction and help our members save time and money. 

Service for all: we serve a wide variety of companies, from large corporations like Norfolk Southern to family-owned businesses with fewer than 10 employees.

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