No Shave November started with the American Cancer Society as a way to raise awareness about cancer. Since so many cancer patients lose their hair during treatment, going shave free for a month puts things into perspective for a lot of people.

Member One’s male employees joined in on the fun of No Shave November by internally renaming it to MOvember and letting their facial hair get crazy. The females enjoyed participating too! Check it out below:

Meet Ryan | Senior Account Representative

Beard Name: “Guy Fox, Esquire”

“Freshly home from a trip to England, Ryan sports his beard, Guy Fox, Esquire. Rich and full, like a good cask ale and fish and chips, Guy Fox, Esquire, is planning to hop on the tube for the duration of MOvember and cruise into Charing Cross, bold and hirsute.”

Q: Why did you choose to participate in No Shave MOVEMBER?
Ryan: “I’m doing MOvember in solidarity with all of the survivors of cancer. While I haven’t had anyone close to me pass away from prostate cancer, the scourge of other cancers have visited my family. So, I guess in short, the beard is for everyone who’s had cancer.”

Meet Gaby | IT Administrator

Beard Name: “Soup-Saver”

“You call It facial hair. I call it awesome-ness escaping through my face.”

Q: Why did you choose to participate in No Shave MOvember?
Gaby: “I’m participating to raise awareness for men’s health. Also to save soup for later…hence the name Soup-Saver.”

Meet Henry | Facilities Coordinator

Beard Name: “Hybernator”

“Objective: 1 – warm 2 – fuzzy”

Q: Why did you participate in No Shave MOvember?
Henry: “I am doing this to help raise awareness of the very real dangers of prostate cancer. I have known a few people in my life who were taken by the very thing we’re doing this for. Thanks for letting me be a part of this and to help get the word across!”

Meet Kevin | IT Specialist

Beard name: “The Bird Nest”

“Currently just enough to pull on and make it hurt.”

Q: Why did you participate in No Shave MOvember?
Kevin: “To make everyone aware that prostate and testicular cancer are issues that cannot be ignored.”

Meet Daniel | VP of Marketing

Beard name: “The Crumb Catcher”

“Tired of losing valuable food remnants? Hate seeing your delicious cookie crumble to the floor? No more! With the incredible organic Crumb Catcher, your tiny tasty tidbits cling on for dear life, ready to be rescued. Also doubles as face warmer against the cooling winds.”

Q: Why did you participate in No Shave MOvember?
Daniel: “Growing a beard is easy…defeating prostate cancer is not. It is important to raise awareness about health issues in men that can help save lives…putting the razor away for a few weeks is the least one can do for this great cause.”

Meet Jason | VP of Compliance

Beard name: “Bristle Bits”

“‘Bristle Bits’ enjoys long walks on the beach, a napkin at dinner and morning scratches.”

Q: What do you like most about participating in No Shave MOvember?
Jason: “’Bristle Bits’ keeps my face toasty on the ski slopes.”

Meet Cody | Senior Teller

Beard name: “Chilly Cheeks”

Karri Proctor | Contact Center Service Analyst

Mustache name: “Circa 19th Century Circus Strongman”

“It’s okay that this magnificent piece of facial art covers the entire mouth because nothing has to be said. The thickness, strong look and perfect curl of this ‘stache’ alone radiates an aura of power and pure don’t mess with me attitude.”

Susan Jordan | Card Services Agent

Mustache name: “The Fantastico Mustacheo”

“Since I can’t grow a mustache I can show support for those that can and that is FANTASTICO!!”

Bridgett Bryant | Loan Sales Specialist Lead

Mustache name: MR. Jingles

“Mr. Jingles like all great  decorations and when seen by others fills their  heart with Joy!”

Shannon Pendergrass | Loan Officer

Mustache name: Devilish Duo

“The devilish duo always seems to be getting me into more trouble than anyone person should get into.  Maybe I shave away the duo? Left shoulder saying NO and right shoulder saying DEFINITELY!!!”

Products and Services Team | “More Hair…No Need For Nair”

“In the spirit of Christmas, everyone loves ginger…and a good ginger mustache.”

Kim Kufel | Marketing Coordinator

Mustache Name: “The ‘Kim’ Burgundy”

“The ‘Kim’ Burgundy likes long walks on the beach, the smell of oak and reading books by the fire.”