Get to Know Us! One on One with Nick Hart

January 08, 2017

Written by Stephanie Long, Contributing Author

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nickhart_vpmarketingWe wanted to take a step back from our financial education blogs to focus on the human element of Member One—the people who make it all work. This month, we spoke with Nick Hart, Director of Marketing and Business Development, to learn what he does, what advice he’d give, and what his last meal would be if he were on death row.

How long have you been with Member One?

NH: December 28 marked my first anniversary working for Member One.

What is your title and what do you do for Member One?

NH: I am the Director of Marketing and Business Development, which means that the marketing and business development teams come under my purview. One of the main things I do here is set marketing strategy based on corporate goals. In other words, we’ll have several major initiatives agreed on by the executive team, and it’s my responsibility to work out strategy and tactics to support those initiatives and make them successful.

By talking to you, it’s clear you’re not from America, so…

NH: I’m not!

Where are you from and what brought you here?

NH: I’m from London, England, and I moved here in 1991 when I got married to my wife, who is from Asheville, NC. That’s where we lived initially. When we decided to get married, it was a question of “your country or mine?” And she won.

Like we ladies normally do!

NH: Yes, like they normally do!

Your degree is in French Language and Literature. So, how did that lead you to the marketing field?

NH: Like many other people, I sort of fell into marketing. The only reason I chose French for my degree was because it was the subject I was best at in school and the one that I liked the most. When it got to the end of my four years, I ended up working for Visa International in London. I needed a brochure written and I was having trouble with the ad agency getting the copy written correctly. In the end, I was like, “This is crazy. I’m going to try writing this myself.” I did, and I suddenly realized I really liked doing that.

If a kid walked up to you asking for your professional and personal advice, what would it be?

NH: Okay, professional, I’d say to try various jobs that you’re interested in, then find the one that you love and stick with it.

Okay, personal advice?

NH: Four words: Listen to your gut. Your gut never lets you down. Your brain can be addled. Your heart can be fickle. Your gut is always honest with you.

You’re on death row. What is your final meal?

NH: Given that I’m English, it would have to be fish and chips and tea.


NH: I’m not really a dessert person.

What?! Okay, what about adult beverage?

NH: Beverage would be a bottle of Barolo wine. It’s an Italian wine. It’s really expensive, but it’s nectar.

What person do you most admire, dead or living?

NH: This is going to sound sappy. D.H. Lawrence because his writing takes me emotionally to places I’ve never been before, more than any other author.

What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you recently?

NH: The weekend before Thanksgiving, I took my best friend and our wives to the Roanoke Star, and his cane blew off the overlook. I had to risk life and limb to go get it, AND, to add insult to injury, while I was risking said life and limb, he took a picture of me. But you know what? I was so grateful that I had that cane with me because I got down there, and then I looked up and realized I had to get back up.

If you could do one thing and succeed at it (other than what you do now), what would it be?

NH: When I was 13 or 14, in addition to my regular school, I studied at the Royal Academy of Music in London with a view to becoming a classical concert pianist. I was there for about a year and a half, and I realized fairly soon when I saw the competition, that I was good, but I wasn’t that good. So, if I could do something other than this and I had the skill to do it, that’s what I would have done.

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