Get to Know Us: One on One with Bridgett Kidd

January 22, 2018

Written by Erin Cooper, Marketing Coordinator

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Headshot of Bridgett Kidd, Vice President of Business LendingBridgett Kidd is our Vice President of Business Lending, a newer department at Member One. She tells us her Member One story, her favorite place to eat, and the odd job she had through college. Learn about Bridgett and her new role from our latest blog!

Where are you from?

BK: I’m from Roanoke, Virginia.

What is your Member One story?

BK: I was recruited back in 2015 to start the business lending program. We had offered business accounts and were ready to offer business loans. Part of my journey was building the products from scratch, setting up policies and procedures, making connections with local vendors, and hiring personnel. We were a one-person department back then. As our portfolio continues to grow, the department is growing. I’m pleased to say we met our goals this year, but we’re still forming what business lending can do for our local members and businesses.

Business lending is kind of new for Member One. Can you explain what it is and what you all do?

BK: Business accounts have been offered, but business lending is a new piece. We know other banks and credit unions are doing this, and we want to be in the market as well and stand out by offering excellent service. We don’t want our business members to just open a business checking account with us; we want them to continue on with the process with all of our business lending products. We can provide a business credit card, a business line of credit, a business auto loan, equipment loan, or real estate loan. In that way, we can really help businesses grow. Our focus for 2018 is letting people know that we’re here and we’re ready to offer these great products and services to our business members.

Walk us through a typical day in your shoes.

BK: Every day, I start off with a cup of coffee! I meet with the team (probably having a cup of coffee themselves) just to check in with them. Each day is different, and we have a lot of projects in the works. We have a new business-lending platform, so that’s been a big project of ours. We’ve also hired a commercial processor, so training him and getting him up to speed on our processes and procedures is a focus right now. I catch up on emails and answer phone calls, attend meetings and webinars—the list goes on and on!

Do you travel? If so, what is the coolest place you’ve visited?

BK: Every year since the day I was born I have visited Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Even when I was younger, I knew when I got married and had my own children I would want to keep going there, so that’s a tradition that we still have. We go every year, and now my girls enjoy it. I mean, who doesn’t like the mountains?

What’s your favorite local restaurant?

BK: My favorite restaurant is in Roanoke, and my husband and I are usually the youngest people in there. It’s Coach and Four. I love it! It’s a dark, kind of romantic atmosphere. It originally started off as somewhere we’d go for special occasions, but now we find ourselves there more often because the prices really aren’t that different from any other steakhouse. It’s a great place for a date night without the kids.

If a kid asked for your advice and you had to condense it into one sentence, what would it be?

BK: Slow down in life, and don’t take it for granted.

What person do you most admire?

BK: My mother is the strongest woman I know. She’s been through a lot, and so I really admire her in every aspect—her personal life, work life, being a mom, and grandmother. She’s my best friend!

You’re on death row. What is your final meal?

BK: Crab legs. I love them. And if you think about it, you never get full from crab legs, so you’d be able to prolong your life a bit!

What’s the most interesting thing about you we wouldn’t learn from your résumé alone?

BK: Before I was married, I had more time and wanted more money to pay for college. I got a part-time job on nights and weekends as a security guard. Little, five-foot-tall me acting like I’m the biggest, baddest woman in town!

It was at the Salem Civic Center. I worked the events, checked purses, and stood by the door to make sure nothing happened and no fights broke out. I did that for about two years, and it was fun! I’d always been behind the scenes at the credit union, so this position taught me a lot about interacting with people and providing customer service. I didn’t have a weapon or anything, but I did have a beeper in case I had to call someone if something broke out. It was an interesting job.

What’s the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you?

BK: When I had my daughter earlier this year, my husband took me to the hospital. The staff took me back, and my husband said he was going to move the vehicle. When I got settled in, I texted him, “Hey, I’m in trauma.” What I MEANT to say was, “I’m in triage.” I had no clue at the time, but that small typo created so much chaos. For 30 to 45 minutes, my husband was thinking I was in trauma and running to all these different nurses trying to figure out where I was. I still remember him coming around the corner with this panicked look. I was just sitting there eating ice chips, and he said, “I’ve been looking for you in trauma!” That’s when I checked my phone and saw my typo. It was an embarrassing moment for both of us!

You get to have a drink with anyone in the history of the world. Who would it be and why?

BK: My dad. Years ago, he passed away suddenly. I didn’t really get to say goodbye, so I think it would be neat to rack his brain and get to have an official goodbye. I would like to know what he was thinking and what his wishes would be for my future, my family, and my career. Because I relied on him a lot, it would be cool to have that last sitting.

Do you have a funny story from your childhood?

BK: My mom and dad always tried to create fun activities for us, so, like Santa on Christmas, we had Cupid on Valentine’s Day. I remember being younger and asking kids, “What did Cupid get you?!” And I’d get this blank stare. The worst part is that I thought I was even MORE special because Cupid only came to visit me!

If you could have any super power, what would it be?

BK: To read minds for sure! Sometimes you can read people, and for the ones you can’t, it drives me crazy. What are they thinking? Is it good? Is it bad? I have all these questions, and I’d love to be able to get inside people’s minds.

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