4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Slow Your Job Search in December

December 11, 2018

Written by Amy L. Lauricella, Content Writer

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You have your sights set on a new and better job for 2019. Your resume is ready to go. But now it’s December and you’re wondering if you should even bother sending it out right now? Does anybody really hire over the holidays?

The answer is, yes and yes! There’s no reason to put the brakes on your job search as soon as you start hearing “Jingle Bells” in all the stores. You can indeed find a job in December. Here are four reasons why you should keep submitting that resume through the winter, plus tips to help you start the new year with a shiny new job.


Reason 1: There are job opportunities available in December. 

While it’s true that companies often slow down during the holiday season, that doesn’t mean they suddenly don’t need staff, and positions do open up this time of the year. For example, job-quitters may wait to receive their year-end bonuses before putting in their two weeks. Some people wait until December to retire so they can move into a lower tax bracket before pulling money from retirement accounts. Also, recruiters may have quotas to meet before the end of the year, so some may in fact be especially motivated to find qualified candidates. And while it does depend on the industry, plenty of companies today look for talent year-round.


Work it to your advantage:

First and foremost, don’t slow down or stop your job search during December. But, do remember that you may need to be more flexible, and more patient, when interviewing during the holiday season. For example, there may be limited time slots available for interviews due to days off at many businesses. And with decision makers potentially traveling for the holidays, you may have to wait longer to hear back after each step of the process. Be adaptable and gracious and you’ll make a positive impression.

Reason 2: Less competition.

You know that hiring doesn’t come to a full halt over the holidays—but many other potential candidates will continue to assume that there are no jobs to be had in December. Likewise, some people are just too busy with family, shopping, and traveling during the holidays to even think of updating their resume. No judgment there, we know how it gets—but if you’re able to find the time to search for and apply to jobs, you’ll likely face much less competition. And, that effort could be rewarded with a lot of attention from some manager out there who’s eager to get someone new in by the end of the year. 

Work it to your advantage:

Stand out in the best possible way by polishing your resume, fine-tuning your cover letter, dressing for success, and curating your online presence (no tipsy Christmas party photos on social media, please)!

Reason 3: You’ll get a head start for the next hiring wave.  

For many companies, hiring really starts to heat up early in the year.Getting your resume in during December before the deluge of other applicants hits could move it to the top of the pile. At the very least, you’ve demonstrated your seriousness about the position by taking the time to apply while many of your competitors were taking a break. 

Work it to your advantage:

If you have a target list of dream companies you’d love to work for, now might be a good time to reach out and ask if they have any upcoming opportunities, by sending a LinkedIn message or an inquiry letter. Employers often appreciate the specific interest in their company, and you could get an edge on the competition by getting your name on the hiring manager’s desk before the job is officially posted in January or February. 


Reason 5: The holidays mean natural networking opportunities. 

During December, you’ve got a packed schedule of get-togethers where you’ll see family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances—and where your job search could quite naturally become a topic of conversation. You never know whether your neighbor’s cousin works at your dream company or whether your uncle’s weekly poker party includes an executive looking to hire someone just like you. 

The holidays also provide the perfect excuse for getting back in touch with distant business contacts, as well as recruiters you’ve worked with in the past, by sending a lovely season’s greetings card.  

Work it to your advantage:

You may fear it’s a faux pas to network at seasonal gatherings, but there’s no need to be cheesy about it. Catch-up conversations usually tend to veer toward work after a bit anyway, and at that point you can simply say that you’re looking for something new and would appreciate any suggestions or leads. You don’t have to make those holiday cards to your business connections excessively pitch-y, either. It’s more about jogging their memory and moving yourself toward the forefront of their mind—so they’re more likely to think of you when that next great opportunity comes along. 

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