Member One Weather Alerts

Member One is closely monitoring the potential impact of Hurricane Florence on our communities. 

As the situation progresses, we will keep you up-to-date on any possible retail center closings on this page.  

Member One is here for our members and the communities we serve, no matter what the weather. We’ll do our best to continue service if possible through the coming days—but our first priority is always the safety of our members and employees. Updates will be available on this website, on our social media channels, and on local TV and radio stations.

We recommend taking out cash funds, in smaller denominations, well before the storm hits. During weather emergencies, ATMs may become inoperative and credit/debit card systems may not work. If you can't make it to a retail center, or we experience a closing or delay, there are other ways to access your accounts:

If you must travel due to the storm, don't forget to complete a travel notification form to avoid interruptions in card service. This can be done by calling 866-820-2936 for credit cards and 800-654-7728 for debit cards.

Please be prepared and take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your family. You can learn more about emergency preparedness from these resources from the American Red Cross about flood safety and the Virginia Department of Emergency Management emergency supply checklist.

Retail Centers Closings and Delays

All retail centers are open.