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Count on a 14-Month Share Certificate

And a guaranteed 1.60%* APY

With all of the financial risks out there, it’s nice to count on a certainty. That’s why Member One offers a 14-month share certificate with a guaranteed rate of 1.60% APY. No guessing, no luck, and no roll of the dice required.

And with an impressive APY, this wise investment is guaranteed to yield higher returns than other local and national financial institutions.** See for yourself:

Financial Institution Share Certificate Term APY
Member One Federal Credit Union 14 months 1.60%
Synchrony Bank 15 months 1.55%
Ally Bank 11 months 1.50%
Sallie Mae 12 months 1.50%
Goldman Sachs 12 months 1.40%
Freedom First Credit Union 13 months 1.21%
Blue Eagle Credit Union 12 months 0.75%


Open a 14-Month Share Certificate

Open a 14-Month Share Certificate

Take the risk out of investing. Open a Member One 14-month share certificate today to start growing guaranteed wealth.


* APY means Annual Percentage Yield. Rate effective as of 8/23/2017. Rate applies only to new share certificates and is subject to change at account renewal. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawals and fees may reduce earnings. The disclosed dividend rate is subject to a $25,000 minimum balance. Other restrictions may apply.

**Competitors’ rates are accurate as of August 2017. Certificate comparisons are approximate as competitors don’t offer a 14-month term. Information gathered from,, and